Consultations/Risk Assessments

Our trained professionals will come to your property and will identify key risk areas that could expose your property during wildfires. During the consultation, they will provide recommendations of how to mitigate the fire risk.

Drone Video and Property Overview (COMING SOON)

We will have a drone that can take an aerial video of your property to help us identify areas susceptible to fire risk that may not be obvious from the ground-level.

Phos Chek Application

We can apply the same powerful fire retardant used by the U.S. Forest Service on your landscape and vegetation. Phos-Chek is the gold standard of fire retardant. Our Phos-Chek is colorless and odorless and is completely safe to apply on vegetation. The fire retardant will last up to 6-8 months.

Fuel Reduction / Brush Clearance

Our team members can remove excess brush to help create a safer environment around your property.

Fire Pump Systems

We can build a fire pump system that uses your pool water to help fight a wildfire. The pump system is powered by a gas generator and utilizes a powerful hose to help you effectively fight a wildfire.

Fire Prevention Products

We have several other fire prevention products that we can provide including vents and sprinklers.

Equipment Rental / Leasing

We can provide several of our fire prevention products on a lease basis if you would prefer to not purchase them outright.

Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to preventative maintenance we can just say we offer maintenance and servicing of our fire pumps and equipment.